Excellent Smart Heaters                                                                                                                                               +


Excellent Temperature Controller

Excellent two Pump Controller(1 phase & 3 phase)

Excellent Differential Temperature Controller

Excellent Multi Pump Controller

Excellent Wireless Water Level Controller

It can be used to control temperature in any heating systems as per required time and temperature.

Outlet valve closing option.


For solar water heater,electrical geyser,boilers,heaters,steam generators,burners etc.


When there is no space to place the solar water heater tank along with the collector.

When there is a height difference and distance from solar storage tank to solar collector it can be used.   

Excellent Pump Controller :

Pumps starts and stops softly using smart controller. No surge current.

Dry run,overload,under and high voltage protection. Single phase protection.

In two or more pump system-A & B pumps operates alternatively by timing or switching by pressure switch or pressure transducers.


Save equipments from electrical hazzards.

Increased life of heating coil and equipments.

Can operate as per your requirements.

No chattering.

Both auto and manual mode.

Soft start and stop.

Future Products:

Wireless water level controllers.

VFD Controllers.